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Most Common Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Professional Patent Drawings offer?

Our services encompass the creation of high-quality patent drawings and illustrations required for patent applications, including utility patent drawings, design patents, and trademark illustrations. We ensure compliance with the USPTO, EPO, and other patent offices’ specifications.

To initiate your patent drawing order, submit your invention details or concept through our secure platform or via email or shared drive. Our team will review your submission and contact you for any necessary clarifications. Once everything is clear, we’ll proceed with creating your drawings, providing you with drafts for review before finalization. Check out how our patent drawings service delivery woks.

We accept a wide range of formats for your invention details, including patent sketches, photographs, prototypes, CAD files, and detailed descriptions. Our goal is to work with the information you provide in the most efficient way to create accurate patent drawings. If you do not have any sketches or prototypes, we can conceptualize and create drawings. There will be additional charges of conceptualizing the drawings.

Yes, we understand the urgency of patent filings and can accommodate rush orders. Please specify your deadline when submitting your request, and we will confirm our ability to meet your timeframe. In some case, we have same day delivery service.

Confidentiality is paramount in our work. We adhere to strict non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and ensure that all communications and documents are securely handled to protect your intellectual property.

Our patent drawings are crafted to meet the stringent requirements of major patent offices, including the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the European Patent Office (EPO), ensuring that our drawings are suitable for both US and European patent applications and for other major jurisdictions. Our drawings are reviewed by prosecution patent specialists and patent writers before submitting these to you.

The turnaround time depends on the complexity of the project and your specific needs. Generally, our standard delivery time is within 3-4 business days. For rush orders, we strive to deliver even sooner.

All revisions within the original scope of work are at no additional cost. Our goal is to ensure that the final drawings accurately reflect your invention and meet your satisfaction.

Our team consists of skilled draftsmen with extensive experience in patent illustrations, engineering, and technology. They are trained to produce drawings that meet both the technical requirements and the legal standards of patent applications. The work is done in supervision of patent specialists and patent writers who have an experience of over 15 years writing patent applications. You can request patent samples written by our prosecution team.

Final drawings are delivered in PDF format, or any other format specified by the patent offices or as per your request, including JPG, TIFF, or DOCX, PPT, ensuring they are ready for submission with your patent application.

Yes, we offer comprehensive drawing services for both utility patents, which cover the functional aspects of inventions, and design patents, which protect the ornamental design. We also provide support in conducting prior art patent searches and patent writing if you need those services. Our parent company is a patent strategy firm that can also provide patent intelligence and opportunity analysis for your inventions.

Absolutely. We regularly collaborate with patent attorneys, legal professionals, and law firms, offering our expertise to support their clients’ patent application needs.

Our dedication to quality, confidentiality, and customer service sets us apart. We leverage our expertise to provide accurate, compliant patent drawings, tailored to the unique needs of inventors and legal professionals in the US and Europe.

We cater to a broad range of industries, including but not limited to, mechanical, electrical, biotech, software, and consumer products. Our team is adept at handling the diverse needs of various technological fields.

Clients can request a quote by submitting their project details through our website. We provide transparent pricing based on the complexity and requirements of your patent drawings.

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