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Patentability Search

Patentability Search Services

The path to patenting an invention requires a clear understanding of the landscape. A patentability search, also known as a novelty search, is the critical first step in this journey. At Professional Patent Drawings (PPD), we specialize in providing thorough patentability search services that assess the novelty and non-obviousness of your invention against existing technology and disclosures.

Patentability Search

Understanding Patentability Search

A patentability search is an exhaustive investigation conducted to determine if your invention can be considered new and unique in the eyes of the law. This search encompasses a wide array of databases, including issued patents, patent applications, and other technical documents from around the world.

Our Patentability Search Process

In-Depth Analysis for Informed Decision-Making

  1. Global Database Access: Leveraging our access to comprehensive international patent databases, we ensure no stone is left unturned in our search for prior art.
  2. Expert Search Team: Our search team consists of skilled individuals with specialized knowledge across various industries, capable of understanding the technical nuances of your invention.
  3. Detailed Reporting: We provide a detailed report that includes relevant prior art findings and our expert analysis on the potential patentability of your invention.
  4. Strategic Insights: Beyond just identifying prior art, we offer strategic insights to help you refine your invention or patent strategy accordingly.

Why Choose Our Patentability Search Services?

Clarity and Precision in Every Search

  • Customized Search Strategies: We tailor our search strategies to the unique aspects of your invention, ensuring a focused and effective search.
  • Timely Delivery: Understanding the importance of time in the patent process, we commit to delivering your search results promptly.
  • Confidentiality Assured: We uphold the strictest confidentiality protocols to protect the details and integrity of your innovative ideas.

Take the First Step with Confidence

Embarking on the patent process without a patentability search is like navigating uncharted waters without a map. Our patentability search services equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your patent strategy and increase the likelihood of your application’s success.

Uncover the Potential of Your Invention: Discover the patent potential of your invention and lay a strong foundation for your patent application with us. Contact us today to initiate a comprehensive patentability search and move forward with clarity and confidence.

Ready to Start?

Experience the difference with us — where your innovations are protected through patents with expertise and knowledge. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with high-quality patent drafts tailored to your unique requirements. Let’s embark on this journey together.

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